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Career Counselors: Who are they? What do They do?

According to a 2016 Harvard Business Review article, around two-thirds of college graduates have no straightforward career path. This article may make us aware of the huge gap between education and employment. For this reason, a new profession emerges in an attempt to bridge that huge gap. So, here’s what a career counselor does.

Who is a career counselor?

Career counselors are individuals whose job is to help clients understand their professional paths and career. They’re different from career advisors and coaches. While career advisors may train you for specific skills, such as interviews and building a resume, career counselors will help you to decide which career path is fit for you.

In addition, career counselors are mostly working privately for different communities and colleges. Their service is offered in the form of counseling sessions, which may include discussions or conversations. All of them are designed to help you find a career that fits your criteria, be it in terms of lifestyle, salary, or skills.

What does a career counselor do?

As previously mentioned, a career counselors’ job is to assist you in finding the right career path. Their job revolves around identifying what you actually want to achieve in your career. In addition, their initial counseling session may begin with figuring out who you are and what you want from your education.

 In addition, a career counselor may become your go-to person to share your thoughts, feelings, and concerns related to your career. Moreover, a career counselor can also help you find resources for career information. Lastly, they can also help you determine your next career goal and develop the right plan to achieve it.

However, it is important to note that career counselors will only provide some advice for your career development. So, don’t expect them to tell you about what to do or what education you should take. In addition, career counselors are not your personal manager. So, they won’t arrange your course selection and schedule.

How to tell if I need a career counselor?

Career counselors’ service is suitable for everyone, including alumni, college graduates, seniors, freshmen, and other professional levels. You may consider getting a career counselor service if you can’t figure out what to do for your career after you’ve graduated. Even earlier, you may also use their service if you can’t choose the best education and majors to support your career. So, if you’re experiencing all of them, don’t hesitate to use a career counselor service.

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